First International Workshop, in conjunction with KDD 2019, Anchorage, Alaska USA

Audience and Scope

The target audience include students, professors, and researchers from academic institutes and corporate labs, data scientists, and engineers and applied researchers from industry.  The scope covers but is not limited to the topics in the following section.

Relevant Areas

Creation Algorithms that build tools for content creation.  Content includes text, image, audio, video, and their combination.  Automatic generating news from raw event data belongs to this category

Pre-processing Algorithms that prepare content for further processing.  Enhancing the resolution of low quality images or videos belongs to this category

Review and filtration Algorithms that detect and get rid of content that are not appropriate for wide distribution

Content Understanding Algorithms that extract structural and semantic metadata in the raw content for further process

Analytics Methods, metrics and algorithms that provide deep insight to improve the feed performance of any aspects.  Better user profiling or predicting popular content belongs to this category

Recommendation Algorithms that distribute the right content to the right users at the right time

Monetization Algorithms that distribute the content that carry brand information to the right audience for marketing purpose

Social responsibility Algorithms that prevent users from being addicted to feeds

User Understanding Algorithms that understand intent based on user behavior

Representation Learning Algorithms that learn representations of both content and user, and match them using the learned representations


Paper submissions: Extended to May 25, 2019

Paper notifications: Extended to June 10, 2019

Full workshop programs online: June 22, 2019

Workshop date: August 5, 2019

Submission Instruction

We invite submissions of novel research and application papers. Submissions must be in PDF format, written in English, with no more than 10 pages, and formatted according to the latest double-column ACM Conference Proceedings Template. Papers will be peer reviewed single-blinded. Submitted papers will be assessed based on novelty, technical quality, potential impact, insight, depth, and clarity. All the papers are required to be submitted via Easy Chair. The conference  acronym on the EasyChair submission page is  KDDFeed2019.  For more questions about the workshop and submissions, please send email to the workshop organizers.