First International Workshop, in conjunction with KDD 2019, Anchorage, Alaska USA

What is Intelligent Information Feed

Information feed is a linear form of displaying content including text, image, audio, video, or their combination.  It gained popularity on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, and enjoys explosive growth outside of US especially in China.  There are a handful of mega Apps with over 100 million DAU (daily active users) in China, feeding news, articles, and short videos to billions of users.  Feeds are designed to fill in fragmented spare time with content that are easy to consume just like fast food.  When the amount of feeds exceeds the limit of display canvas or human attention capacity, intelligent mechanisms have to step in to reduce information overload.  As the sources of feeds become more abundant, Intelligent Information Feed becomes ubiquitous, and is therefore the primary concern of this workshop.


The enabling technologies of Intelligent Information Feed touch upon areas such as recommendation, content creation, content understanding, user profiling, model prediction, and big data analytics, which are highly relevant to KDD.  In contrast to the red-hot  feed industry and enthusiastic users, the  response  from the KDD research community has been sporadic. Meanwhile, the rapid development of the industry leaves behind deep technology debts that cannot be filled without fully engaging the research community.  The organizers of this workshop believe KDD is an ideal venue to call for immediate attention to this emerging field, which deserves a dedicated forum to study unique algorithmic aspects induced by the nature of fast consumption etc.