First International Workshop, in conjunction with KDD 2019, Anchorage, Alaska USA


Program Schedule

Accepted Paper List

1. Muskaan, Mehak Preet Dhaliwal, Aaditeshwar Seth, Fairness and Diversity in the Recommendation and Ranking of Participatory Media Content

2. Zixun Sun, Shuang Zhao, Chengwei Zhu and Xiao Chen. News Cover Assessment via Multi-task Learning 

3. Baohua Sun, Lin Yang, Catherine Chi, Wenhan Zhang, Michael Lin, Squared English Word: A Method of Generating Glyph to Use Super Characters for Sentiment Analysis

4. Wentao Yao, Zixun Sun, Xiao Chen, Understanding Video Content: Efficient Hero Detection and Recognition for the Game "Honor of Kings"

5. Armaan Kaur, Jaspal Kaur Saini and Divya Bansal. Detecting Radical Text over Online Media using Deep Learning 

6. Xinmin Wu, Xiangqian Hu, Tao Wang, Ruiwen Zhang and Yongjin Ma. Learning Embedding from a Generic Capsule Networks Reconstruction Framework